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Don't Worry About It (feat. Yo Gotti)

50 Cent

Don't worry about how I get my money
Just know I get my money
Don't worry how I spend my money, boy I got a lot
Don't worry bout that car, I don't worry about that bike I rock
Don't worry about them diamonds or that bezel on my watch
Don't worry about it
Don't worry about it
Don't worry about a motherfuckin' thing
Don't worry about it
Don't worry about it
We got a strap up in here, niggas playin'

50 Cent:
When time pass and I'm not around
Niggas sayin' I'm out of town
Probably movin' them bricks around
They swear they know how I get down
Don't worry about what I'm doing
Don't worry about what I'm doing
My closet full of that fly shit
Black card when I buy shit
Sell the shit you get high with
These niggas on my dick
Don't worry about what I'm doing
Don't worry about what I'm doing
That's your bitch, I understand
I've seen it all on Instagram
I'm just in the past
All been in that ass

Yo Gotti:
Be worry about my record deals, I still call my plug
Don't worry about my bitch, pimping she get money that club
Don't be worry about my partners we get money, we eatin'
You talk shit about a real nigga, bitch you must be tweakin'

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Don't be worried about my whereabouts
Money all I care about
Niggas in my in my neighborhood, play with me I'mma air it out
Why you worry about my money nigga, bitch you think I'm broke
The Fed worry about what I'm doin', think I'm sellin' dope
I may be, and I may not
Go to jail I may rot
I ain't never gonna snitch nigga
Never been no bitch nigga
I got big guns, need a extra large
Ya'll niggas got question marks
Talk me down, I'm a real nigga, that's how you get a hater charged

50 Cent:
Don't worry about what they talkin' about
Don't tell me what that bitchass said
I down, whether you can go with her
Or me at me with another bitch
Don't worry about how they look at me
My diamonds on, damn look at me
These groupie bitches shook at me
Wanna judge and throw the book at me
Don't worry about it
I ain't worried about it, had time to talk to my legal team
Don't worry about it, I ain't worried about it
These shitheads think they get through to me
Still rockin', still rollin'
We holdin', bill foldin', you know it
When I start to ball out
Money start to fall out
Throw it up and fall out the sky
Baddest bitches go all out
Whole bar get bought out, that's what I call my lifestyle

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