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SMS Get The Message

50 Cent

Nigga I ain't fucking around,
SMS, get the message, get the message!
SMS, get the message!

[Verse 1: 50 Cent]
I go hard full time, duck when I pull mine
I run from one time, fuck a pig, ya dig?
I go to war with one nine
I work, you see mine,
But I ain't never ever gonna say I did it,
In a hoopty, hoody on, cruising the back locks
You stuntin' on hungry niggas, go ahead get your ass shot
Your neck got your chain on it
Bullet got your name on it,
I'm serious, sometimes it seems like I'm playin'
Dump a shell case in your face, The D's got 40?
They tryna find a rat or call it a cold case
I know some niggas, some snitches
I know some bitches who's scared
I got some shooters around me and they stay fully prepared
We got them straps you niggas look at and flinch
Ghetto nigga get rich, what you think I'm a get?
We got that pump in that chopper, we got the tech in that sweeper
We got that Ruger that Mac, I call it my bitch nigga ether

[Chorus: x2]
All we do is get that grain,
And my niggas move cocaine
Plus we let them hammers bang
I'm talking 'bout the Unit gang

[Verse 2: 50 Cent]

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Inhale! Smell the gunpowder, my hands is full of residue
Niggas'll shoot niggas, you lucky it weren't you
Nigga, my best song, my chucks are bomb proof,
You shoot, I shoot back, find God when I'm on you
This ain't tales of the crypt, nigga, this tales of the hood
Stay the fuck out the way with your mouth shut like you should!
When the bullshit start I'm a find a spot
Aim it right at your knot than the shell cases'll drop
Man, you niggas don't know me, you know my government name
Go 'head ask about booboo, they tell you I let it bang
Got a big reputation, there's something wrong with my brain
Nigga front, I'm a squeeze it, go 'head stunt, I'm squeeze it

[Chorus x2]

Yeah! Back on my shit, man!
I don't give a fuck about fitting in
You niggas gonna follow me!
Back to the ground, nigga we gonna make it nice and dirty!
Now wan' get dirty with me?
We gon' see if you all you niggas done with soft?
All y'all get with the shit man
This the shit man
All the real niggas feel it!
Rest of you RnB ass niggas
Go on, man! Go on play ya little song, nigga
Fuck It!
SMS Audio, Sleek By 50

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