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Caught up in thoughts of someone to come along to hear me
As i sink beneath the waves that consume me.
You always had a way of finding me
When i needed somewhere to rest my head to welcome the morning.
And it seems to be i'm in desperate need of attention as i fall down to my knees.
And i can't seem to catch a grip of my breath as it escapes from my body.
And now nights are spent with my doors shut tight
And my eyes stay awake to welcome morning light.
And my hopes lay deep beneath the thought
That you'll think of me when they find my body.
Now i'm headed towards the scene where we shared our first...

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Please forget my memory.
I hope you don't mind as sit here with an open chest
And a list of my problems and regrets for you to carry on your shoulder.
I never had a problem with leaving you with such a hassle.
I swore i wouldn't but i did. i'm holding on to this.
This is my attempt at happiness.
You can't stop me again i'm holding on to this.
I'm holding on to this.

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